Products, Features and Services

VanillaCloud is an open-source Kubernetes-powered cloud based on VanillaStack.
VanillaCloud is specifically designed around performance, transparency and simple access to awesome technologies.


Kubernetes as simple and productive as it gets. No vendor lock and full community support.


Your own docker-registry. Don't be dependent on external registries anymore! No throttling!

Cloud Foundry

Just upload your code - and Cloud Foundry does the rest. Automated deployment and operations.


Virtual Machines on Kubernetes. Pay for your cluster, not the VMs - and roll them out with ease.


Your own object storage on your own cluster. Production-grade and always included with VanillaCloud!


Event-monitoring and -alerting. Records and publishes in real-time. Get your operational insights.


Visualize your Prometheus data and create awesome dashboards! Ops has never been more beautiful!


Roll out your workloads with ease using HELM package manager. And roll them back as well.

The Power of Open-Source

Kubernetes allows for running containerized workloads, virtual machines and everything in-between.

Kubernetes is famous for its ability to scale, to ensure workload's integrity and to "just" work.

With Kubernetes, you utilize the platform of the future: Strong, reliable, cloud-centric, vendor-agnostic!

VanillaCloud is based on VanillaStack, the open-source enterprise Kubernetes-stack.

VanillaStack embraces no-vendor-lock, freedom of choice and privacy.

VanillaStack runs in datacenters, on premises, in virtual machines and in cloud environments.

VanillaCloud unleashes the power of VanillaStack!


To handle the demand and to ensure integrity of our internal systems, VanillaCloud starts in three stages:

  • Softlaunch on Dec. 1st, 2020.
  • Public Beta on Feb. 5, 2021.
  • Final Launch on Mar. 31th, 2021.

Even during Softlaunch- and Beta-Periods, VanillaCloud is happy to run your productive workloads!

Learn more about our Roadmap!

100% Different

100% Vanilla

All supported products are 100% Vanilla products. No vendor-specific changes, just the way they are intended to be.

100% Open-Source

VanillaCloud is based on VanillaStack, an open-source enterprise Kubernetes-Stack. We contribute back and we ensure trustworthiness.

100% Performance

VanillaCloud ensures top performance, since your clusters are not shared with other clusters - they have their own control servers and their own storage.

100% Control

VanillaCloud ensures data-control - it is your users, your data, and your workloads. All independent from other customers and controlled only by you.

100% Security

VanillaCloud ensures security and integrity of the underlying infrastructure and keeps Kubernetes always on a supported and secure version. Automatically.

100% Scalability

VanillaCloud is based on Kubernetes, and as such, scaling is as simple as defining rules for your workloads and - in case you need it - adding additional worker nodes to the cluster.

100% Workloads

With VanillaCloud, you have access to many preconfigured workloads. Additionally, you can always use kubectl or HELM for rolling out whatever you want to run.

100% Transparency

VanillaCloud is not about ripping you off. Our pricing model is balanced and fair and suprisingly affordable. Check it out!