We need to change that!

With most hyperscaler- and public cloud-offerings, one is confronted with several issues:

  • Huge companies running your business-critical workloads (and your secrets)
  • Vendor-Locks
  • Unpredictable pricing
  • Cloud-native infrastructures on top of legacy platforms
  • Watered-down versions of Kubernetes and cloud-native workloads


Learn more about Cloudical!

As a cloud-native consultancy, Cloudical was working with its customers on setting up infrastructures on cloud-environments, migrating data, 2nd day operations and integrating the right tools for the job.

Doing this, we developed deep insights into how public cloud and hyperscaler-environments work - not only from a technical, but specifically from a commercial and infrastructural perspective.

The first step to mitigate the issues listed above, was the introduction of VanillaStack, an open-source Kubernetes stack with integrated production-grade workloads, such as Harbor, Prometheus, Grafana, the complete EFK-stack, OpenStack or Cloud Foundry.

The next step is VanillaCloud: A public cloud based on Kubernetes and VanillaStack, set up with the right mindset and centered around cloud-native workloads and approaches.

The Best of Open-Source

With VanillaCloud, we take the best of cloud-native infrastructes and combine that with the power of Kubernetes!

Kubernetes allows for running containerized workloads, virtual machines and everything in-between.

Kubernetes is famous for its ability to scale, to ensure workload's integrity and to "just" work.

With Kubernetes, you utilize the platform of the future: Strong, reliable, cloud-centric, vendor-agnostic!

VanillaCloud is based on VanillaStack, the open-source enterprise Kubernetes-stack.

VanillaStack embraces no-vendor-lock, freedom of choice and privacy.

VanillaStack runs in datacenters, on premises, in virtual machines and in cloud environments.

VanillaCloud unleashes the power of VanillaStack!

Changing the Game

VanillaCloud is different:

  • Fully cloud-native offering based on Kubernetes and VanillaStack
  • Each cluster is independant of other clusters
  • No overcommitment
  • Additional workloads available out of the box
  • Your own container registry
  • Your own independent storage
  • Production-Grade environment with every cluster!
  • No watered-down version of Kubernetes - just the real deal!
  • Run as many VMs as you like using KubeVirt
  • Managed Platform, we take care of updates and patches!
  • Hosting in trustworthy datacenters
  • Predictable pricing